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Your Brilliance Can Make A Difference

A Global Innovation Advocacy Campaign

We Challenge You to Succeed Where There’s a Need. CauseTech is bringing together a global community of innovators in order to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Members of our community will contribute their technologies, ideas, and innovations towards UNICEF-directed challenges through our ideation platform. The platform not only serves as a place to post your idea as a potential solution, but also as a place to connect with other innovators, mentors, and potential collaborative partners. If you think your innovation has what it takes to address the biggest challenges facing the developing world, we are looking for you!

Learn How It Works

Registering with CauseTech means you will join a global community of innovators, researchers, technologists, and community activists working together to address specific global challenges curated by UNICEF. Our platform, powered by IdeaScale, brings the campaign to life by allowing the top ideas to bubble up via crowdsourced ideation.

Does your technology have the potential to address challenges around the globe? Submit your idea and see how Your Brilliance Can Make a Difference!

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